How can it be us?

It’s a question I wanna ask.
But who am I to know what is in the future?
I never planned to see you, I never planned to be with you.
I never planned to love you.
But it all happened in a glimpse of an eye.
Suddenly, you were there.
You are a drug I never wanted to take, but I had no power to stop.
I took you with open arms, and when I woke up, it’s only you that I want.
I am afraid what the future may bring to us.
But I am willing to take chances, for as long as I know that you care. I can stand by your side all the way, just tell me, I will stay.
If hard times comes our way, I pray, everything will be better along the way.


LOVE or LUST, a poem

Is this Love or Lust?

I met you in the  strangest way

I can’t imagine how our roads cross

I barely remember you from the past

I heard your name before, but I can’t remember how you looked

You are a memory, from afar.

This time, I can’t believed how you came into my life

You knocked on the door while I am so down

Trying to lift me up

It’s like a song

Fixing a Broken Heart.

You knew I needed someone, to hold my hand

You knew I would stumble anytime

You’re trying to walk by me

Like a phanthom  in the night

You’re trying to steal me heart.

Is this love or lust?

I am on the most sensitive part of my life now

I just lost a person I deeply cared and loved

I just lost someone I trusted so much

Someone I had offered my life

I just had a broken vow.

And here you are,

Offering a shoulder to cry on

A hand to hold on

A tie to knot me

A whistle to stop.

Is this love or lust?

I had been asking for a guide from up Above

I don’t know if it’s an answered Prayer

Suddenly, you were there

Blown from the wind

Brought from nowhere.

Is this love or lust?

With you, I’m learning to walk again

To accept things  I can’t change

To lift my head and move on

To bear the unbearable

To never look back at the past.

Is this love or lust?

I’m learning to love again

To open my heart

To trust once more

To bury the past

To look ahead

To let the sun, shine.

Now I can smile

Now I can laugh

Now I can dance

Enjoying every tune on my i-pod.

Is this love or lust?

But once more, I wanna ask

Is this love or lust?

I’m enjoying every moment

And I know you do as well

But the truth will never leave me

I want to keep you close to me

Fill our lives with all the goodness life has to offer

Much as I want to love you

I cannot

Because you belong

To another heart.


MISTAKES make you THINK, It Makes you realize What you HAD,What you’ve LOST and What you’ve TAKEN FOR GRANTED… Makes you REALIZE that sometimes, there are NO NEXT TIMES,NO TIME OUTS and NO SECOND CHANCES.

How can Love be so cruel?

How can love be so cruel?

I had given you everything, to make you happy. I want to see you smile, hear you laugh, see those twinkles in your eyes and find a soul wanting no more, other than me. But how can love be so cruel?

Your every breath became my breath, your steps became my steps. I’ve danced with you all the way. I cried when you cried, I’m hurting more when you were hurt. I can feel you in every way, but how can this love be so cruel?

I’ve loved all that you loved. I cared more for you. You were my only strength. You were the master of my life.  You made me bear more than I could bear. How can love be so cruel?

You said you love me, but I can’t hear it  now. You said you will never leave me, but you were gone. You said you cared more, but I cannot feel it. You said we will grow old together, but I’m still young. How can love be so cruel?

You were the happiest moment in my life. Yet, you are my worst nightmare. I stood by you along the way. I never left you when you were down. I fought for you. You drive me crazy. How can love be so cruel?

I ‘d been crying all these nights, thinking that you were gone. That I am now alone. That I have no one…..

But, I came to realize, that there is still life ahead of me. That there is a better plan. You made me realized that there is no turning back. That I must move on. That even when you are gone,  I can find someone to give the love that I had given you, but, you will never find anyone who can love you more, than the way I did. It is your lost, not mine. Goodbye.

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